"A story that started in Şişli 78 years ago, continues in 65 countries of the world."

The story of Derby who is now able to provide convenient prices and increased comfort to consumers in more than 65 countries of the world started in the first year of the Second World war, 1940, in a developing, far district of İstanbul called Şişli, as Turkey's rubber shoe and boot producer.

In 1960's Derby took-off. With increased production volume, Derby now had a new space for production. Production moved to a modern production facility which used to be an old cement factory in Bakırköy Osmaniye. In 1960, Derby had 1800 employees and was granted the title of Turkey's 38th biggest company.

Derby in Turkey and the World

Derby is encouraging more and more males to be well-shaved and well-groomed by providing easier and smoother shaving experience as well as fair prices.

According to GFK 2017 Consumer Research, 9 out of 10 people in Turkey knows about Derby due to its popularity and fair prices. Derby who has one of the best brand awarenesses is introducing itself to the world."

Derby World Today

Derby’s strength that is also reflected to the prices comes from the continuous production since 1940, 45 years of experience in razor blade production, world standard blade technology and production processes, being the only razor blade producer brand in Turkey, global experience in 5 continents, high performance and quality, wide range of products and fair prices, and is moving this strength to a global level from Turkey. This approach is well perceived by the consumers as well. Derby as one of the leading razor blade brands, preferred by the consumers who are willing to have smooth close shave with fairly priced products, is rising.